Last Updated: February 14, 2005

Windows Printing: Print Queue Procurer

The Print Queue Procurer (PQPro ) is a set of programs designed for printer queue provisioning and printer driver settings administration in large Windows environments.

PQPro has the following features:

  • Create, Delete and Move Printer Queues
  • Create, Delete and Move Printer Ports (LPR and Standard TCP/IP)
  • Create Standardized Printer Driver Settings for Queue Creation
  • Backup Printer Queue Configurations
  • Restore Printer Queue Configurations
  • Distribute and Install Printer Drivers
  • Inventory Printer and Printer Port Configurations
  • Inventory Printer Driver Configurations


In many large Windows printing environments, administrators can sometimes lose control of printer management functions. With PQPro, manual printer administrative tasks are automated, reducing costs by improving reliability and efficiency.

PQPro Components:

  1. Web Workflow Tool (PQProWeb) - to add, delete and move printer queues.
  2. Scheduling Service (PQProSrv) - to execute printer queue configuration changes.
  3. Configuration Application (PQProCfg) - to configure and administer the environment.