Last Updated: February 12, 2005

EvtReader Documentation

The Eventlog Reader (EvtReader) is an alternative to Microsoft's eventvwr.exe application. EvtReader is built as an MDI application where each document represents a eventlog or pre-filtered eventlog.  The document is created using locally cached eventlog records, giving it superior performance when filtering and sorting.  It is specifically designed to help administrators trouble-shoot and diagnose problems hidden in eventlogs.  There are three steps for using the EvtReader application. Firstly, users create a new document by designing a eventlog record retrieval query using the target machine name, event log name and filter criteria. Secondly, eventlog records are retrieved from the target machine using a background processing thread, which allows the application to be useful for other actions. And finally, the application document can be again filtered and sorted to find problems quickly and efficiently.

To get the Event Log Reader program go to Download Event Log Reader.